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Work in progress Identiteitscrisis LR
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Pleidooi  Angstig vermaak Identiteitscrisis  Mooi bedrog

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Passieve onschuld


Identity Crisis
Series – Soft violence
Oil on canvas
200 – 120 cm

Series – Soft Violence

‘Soft violence’

Little girls grow up. At first sight, Lisette Durinck’s paintings show a series of girls. If you take closer look, you start to notice more and the image evokes increasingly more questions. Sometimes the image seems to seduce you. This isn’t really allowed because you can see the woman in question is actually still a girl. The figures look vulnerable. They are afraid or they hide it. They want you to look at them. They deliberately demand your attention.
The work estranges and becomes almost intangible. Through the minimalistic facial expressions, the sharp use of colour, the confronting compositions and the viewing holes made from carved out wooden panels, the chaos that plays in the heads of these girls is additionally enhanced.

The portrayed figures are all girls / young women. A characteristic for this group is the total chaos that plays in both body and soul in the transition from young girl to adult. Every girl needs to deal with this in her own way. Consequently, a large field of tension originates in their lives between their old trusted self and the new person that is beginning to show itself. The paintings in ‘Soft Violence’ try to portray the fear, the vulnerability, the (im)maturity and the internal conflict.