No. 1021

Werk in ruimte Aren't we all guilty V3
Werk in ruimte Aren't we all guilty
Werk in ruimte Aren't we all guilty V2








No. 1021
Serie – Aren’t we all guilty
Acryl op houten paneeltje
15 x 15 cm


Series: Aren’t we all guilty?

The series Aren’t we all guilty? consists of 28 painted portraits of 15 x 15cm on wood.

The persons portrayed come from different layers of society. Half of them received the label ‘criminal’ and half are ‘non-criminals’. Due to how each person is portrayed, you cannot distinguish the criminals from the non-criminals. Everyone belongs to the same category and they are portrayed as equals. This gives the criminals a softer edge and makes them more recognisable and the non-criminals might just summon a feeling of aversion. The question is whether we’re not all capable of the same things and whether you can see the difference on the outside.