Allerzielen 2012 no.2.2

Allerzielen 2012 no.2.2
Allerzielen krant BN de Stem
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Allerzielen 2012
Allerzielen 2012 BN de Stem
Allerzielen 2012 no.2

Allerzielen 2013 No.01.2 Allerzielen 2012 no.2.2 De bezoekers kunnen de namen van hun dierbare met steentjes in het zand schrijven


Projects: All Soul’s Day


During All Soul’s Day, you’ll walk a route that you use to commemorate and celebrate the lives of those precious to us that can no longer be with us, together via different creative expressions. Through a monumental interactive piece of art, people can take their time to remember their loved ones in a special way.


I used seven ‘tree discs’ that represented seven personality traits. The people wrote the information about the deceased on a piece of paper. They then indicated to which disc/trait the paper could be added. The pieces of paper placed closest to the core of the disc related to the youngest deceased. Further towards the outside, they were older, like the growth rings of a tree. This created a monumental object that only just came into existence, but already carried an intriguing story and accompanying energy with it.